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Senior Health Specialists Seek Insurance Sales Professionals in the St. Louis, Missouri and Tri-State Area

Insurance sales is a growing field with minimum experience required


As the economy slowly starts to rebound, many people are trying to identify the best opportunities available to them for advancement. Insurance sales represent an excellent opportunity for many due to its relatively-low start-up costs and prerequisite qualifications. In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 10% growth in the occupation of insurance sales agent, with average wages as approximately $23.15 per hour or $48,150 per year. Furthermore, the entry-level of education was a high school diploma or higher and little to no related experience was required. Again, those were 2012 numbers and not necessarily representative of current economic growth. Additionally, these numbers included many independent agents with no lead systems or pre-set appointments.


Why is senior insurance sales a growth industry?


Insurance is a heavily-regulated industry.  As you are likely aware, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made medical insurance mandatory for all Americans, but it has also redefined minimum standards of coverage and seeks to provide better care to patients. One way the ACA seeks to promote better care is to streamline the process for providing that care - including cutting down on administrative costs traditionally associated with multiple-payor insurance. Essentially, medical professionals will have to provide, and insurance companies will have to cover, the same amount of care for less money. Insurance companies will have to rely on independent insurance sales agents in order to control costs and reach many potential customers who now must obtain insurance coverage.


Critically, many of these customers in need of insurance will be senior citizens. In fact, the U.S. population is aging at an unprecedented rate.  Recent statistics predict that the population aged 65 and older will almost double between 2012 and 2050. The overall percentage of elderly Americans is expected to more than double in the next twenty years alone. The healthcare and insurance industries are only now adjusting to this new reality by transitioning to cover senior-specific care and long-term care. As the population lives longer, proportionally ages, and expects a higher standard of comprehensive care, they will need the type of senior-specific and long-term care coverage, in addition to senior-specific Life Insurance  and Final Expense Insurance products, which Senior Health Solutions, LLC specializes in. Servicing this new customer base creates exciting opportunities for those interested in insurance sales.


Can you have a successful career selling senior-specific insurance?


With hard work, it is possible that even a first-year insurance agent can make $100,000 per year or more. Of course, the national averages are lower than this, but still high as compared to many professions. Insurance agents who work with Senior Health Solutions, LLC are given the tools to succeed from a long-term approach. Senior Health Solutions, LLC features an industry-leading training program with over 50 years combined professional experience. Additionally, Senior Health Solutions, LLC provides you with tools necessary to see potential clients on a daily basis, without cold-calling. Senior Health Solutions, LLC has a specific focus and expertise in servicing senior citizens. This is growing field with significant opportunity for the right people.


Contact Senior Health Solutions, LLC today for more information about career opportunities


If you are truly interested in insurance sales, especially to an age 65+ customer base, then Senior Health Solutions, LLC is interested in talking to you. This is a growing and important field which addresses changing population dynamics and insurance coverage allocation. We are looking for motivated individuals who care about their customers. Contact us by phone at (636) 244-4415 or online .



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