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Catastrophic injuries and terminal illness impact your life and the lives of your friends and family. It is a fact of life, and one that occurs without consideration as to whether you have sufficient insurance coverage to pay for the full cost of your medical care. Does your medical insurance cover every test, every treatment, and every medication over the course of the extended medical care associated with major injuries or grave illnesses? For far too many Americans, the answer is "no", and the ensuing sticker-shock can create new sources of stress for people who are already in a compromised condition. Hospital indemnity insurance provides peace of mind in the event that you face serious injury or illness. The average length of an inpatient stay at a U.S. hospital is 4.8 days. Too often, the cost of non-covered medical services and products over that time period creates a significant burden on patients. Thankfully, the hospital indemnity insurance professionals at Senior Health Solutions, LLC have the knowledge, expertise and products to avoid this potential burden.

Why has hospital indemnity coverage risen in popularity?

Hospital indemnity coverage has risen in popularity with increased Medicare Advantage enrollment.  This can be a more cost effective way to minimize out of pocket expenses when entering the hospital.  In the past, many Medicare eligible would have to turn to costly Medicare Supplement plans to obtain full coverage for a hospital stay. Additionally, rising medical costs and changes in coverage requirements has created an uncertain landscape for hospitals. That is why the hospital indemnity insurance professionals at Senior Health Solutions, LLC are happy to offer you the Hospital Cash Plan. You deserve better than having to worry about out-of-pocket expenses when you are getting back on your feet.

What is the Hospital Cash Plan?

The Hospital Cash Plan (HCP) is a hospital indemnity insurance plan. The HCP pays a set amount of money based upon how long you are confined to a hospital for treatment. For every day, week, or month that you are in the hospital, your medical care providers will receive a lump-sum payment to cover the services, procedures, medications, and equipment which your insurance does not. Though this coverage applies to emergency and terminal illness treatment, it also applies to outpatient surgery and other covered visits. The type of coverage the HCP provides is critical; in part, because the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. is high medical expenses. Many times, these high medical expenses accrue because it is difficult or impossible for most insured individuals/patients to understand what their insurance covers - especially in a situation where they are facing an emergent injury or serious illness. In serious medical situations, uncovered medical expenses can add up quickly. The St. Louis area hospital indemnity insurance professionals at Senior Health Solutions, LLC will help you understand how the HCP can give you financial relief when you need it most.

Is the Hospital Cash Plan similar to a High Deductible Health Plan or Health Savings Account?

The ultimate goal of the HCP - to provide more coverage to individuals facing expensive long-term medical care - might seem similar to a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) or Health Savings Account (HSA). However, the HCP is a different product than an HDHP or HCA. An HDHP offer lower premiums and higher deductibles - which can equate to more out-of-pocket expenses. Though, an HDHP is also designed to cover the cost of long-term injury or illness care, it often does so in conjunction with a HSA. If you have an HDHP, with or without an HSA, you should strongly consider consulting a tax professional regarding the tax implications of the HCP. All of these products and plans receive unique tax treatment, and you should understand how they impact your financial situation.


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