Medicare Changes for 2021, What You Need to Know


Wondering what the new year brings to your Medicare plan? We at Senior Health Solutions have outlined some important changes for you to consider when looking at your current plan.

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What You Should Know About Turning 65


If you’re turning 65, or you’ve crossed that bridge already, chances are that you’ve heard of ‘Medicare and You.

Senior Health Solutions Announces New Location in the Saint Charles, Missouri Community


Senior Health Solutions is pleased to announce the relocation of their corporate headquarters to 3779 New Town Blvd, Saint Charles, Missouri.

Tired of the High Prices of Insulin?

Tired of the high prices of insulin? We are, too! Good news is that Trump took historic action and signed four Executive Orders that will allow us to see a massive decline in insulin prices and epinephrine starting Jan.1st, 2021.

How to Sell Insurance in 5 Easy Steps

Having trouble landing a sale? It’s not as easy as some people make it look. Sales is a combination of research and marketing. At Senior Health Solutions, we train independent agents as soon as they start.

5 Safety Tips to Follow While Businesses Re-open

Businesses are starting to open back up, but the virus is still large and in charge. How can you stay safe from it? What are the measures you need to take? We compiled a list of instructions that can help you stay safe while also flattening the curve. Take a look and see what you think!

5 Ways to Optimize Your Medicare During COVID-19

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting everyone’s lives, whether it’s your work schedule, hygiene habits or daily routine. The Center for Disease Control is recommending that you implement social distancing and clean your hands often, but how can you prepare your Medicare health insurance plan for an unexpected illness such as COVID-19?

October is Long-Term Care Planning Month

October was named Long-Term Care Planning Month to prompt seniors and those acting on behalf of seniors to establish a plan to pay for the skyrocketing costs of long-term care.

Hospital Indemnity Plans and Why You Need Them

While many people have given health insurance and life insurance considerable thought, there may still be gaps in insurance coverage. Hospital indemnity plans help to fill in these gaps by providing a set amount of funds when the covered individual is hospitalized...

Medicare Open Enrollment Period - Don't Miss Out!

The annual enrollment period for Medicare is fast approaching. This narrow period is from October 15 to December 7 During this time, individuals change their Medicare plan ...

10 Ways to Make Money After Retirement

Many merely consider life insurance as a necessary expense that gives more than peace of mind only at death. While true with respect to term life insurance...

Life Insurance as a Financial Planning Tool

Many merely consider life insurance as a necessary expense that gives more than peace of mind only at death. While true with respect to term life insurance...

Life Insurance After 50: The Benefits of Whole Life Policies as Life Expectancy Increases

Choosing the right type and amount of life insurance is not something to be taken lightly, especially if you are over the age of 50. As people are living longer, the average lifespan for men and women in the U.S...

Longevity Means a Well-Rounded Financial Plan is More Important Than Ever

Many Americans hope to retire around the age 65. This means you could spend a quarter of your lifetime in retirement. On average, you can expect to live 17.7 years after retirement if you are a male and 20.3 years if you are a female...

The Importance of End of Life Planning Discussions

Broaching the subject of end of life planning with family members can be a difficult task. The mere thought of losing a loved one can be overwhelming and emotional.

Planning for Retirement Begins with Insurance

When planning for retirement, one of the first steps many investors take is to participate in a company-sponsored 401K plan or put money into a personal individual retirement account.

Recent Cancer Statistics Shed Light on Need for Coverage and Cost of Treatment

Despite tremendous strides in cancer research, cancer continues to be a debilitating disease that takes the lives and livelihoods of individuals every year.

The True Cost of Dying

While most people understand that a funeral can add up to a significant expense, they may fail to take into consideration other expenses associated with dying

What You Need to Know About Sound Investments for Retirees

Market volatility is one of the most important reasons that seniors today are aware of the benefits of paying attention to their financial strategy

New Laws Enhance the Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage, also referred to as a home equity conversion mortgage, is a home loan for individuals in St. Louis and throughout the U.S....

Senior Life Insurance May Not Cover Long Term Care

The conversation about caring for elderly individuals is certainly heating up across America as baby boomers approach retirement age and beyond.

Why Medicare is Not Enough

It is important to understand all of the potential gaps in Medicare so you are clear about the benefits provided by your Medicare policy. ...

Time is Running Out Soon If You Intend to Get Health Insurance Coverage

According to officials in Washington, time is running out if you intend to get health insurance coverage for 2016. ...

Fines For Those Individuals Without Health Insurance

Obamacare penalties in St. Louis

Although more than 2.5 million new individuals purchased health insurance through the government enrollment system starting on November 1, a remaining 10.5 million people in the United States still do not have proper coverage and therefore remain exposed to potential penalties...

St. Louis Seniors Should Evaluate Insurance Options

If you're a senior citizen in St. Louis feeling overwhelmed by deductibles, co-pays, PPOs, and HMOs as it relates to your health insurance, you're not alone...

Medicare Rules Alter Hospital Admission Stats

According to a recent analysis of health data conducted by the Wall Street Journal, there are some shifts in hospital trends in light of recent Medicare rules...

Long Term Health Care Coverage For Seniors

Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, PPO, HMO, ACO-- the health care market is a confusing alphabet soup of names and initials. Few people understand what type of plan they have. Even fewer understand what their plan covers....

Is Hospital Indemnity Insurance Right For You?

Medical insurance is designed to cover the cost of basic care: a visit to the doctor here, a test there, prescriptions, and necessary hospital procedures. As you age, the likelihood of a major health crisis increases...

Do I Need Cancer Insurance?

Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrifying prospect. The risk of developing cancer increases as you age; this is especially true if you have already been treated for cancer. Other factors such family history can increase your risk of cancer...

Why Do You Need Hospital and Indemnity Coverage?

We are in a new era of healthcare and health insurance. Our nation's population is aging. The healthcare industry is scrambling to adapt and form new care models which will both increase the quality of care and decrease cost...

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Pros Help You Prepare

Catastrophic injuries and terminal illness impact your life and the lives of your friends and family. It is a fact of life, and one that occurs without consideration as to whether you have sufficient insurance coverage...

Medicare & Medicaid Low-Income Dual Eligibility

Dealing with your health care becomes increasingly difficult, and expensive, as you age. For low-income couples or individuals becoming seniors does not automatically create financial stability...

Employees No Longer Reimbursed for Insurance Premiums

Not all companies offer employees health insurance. However, the Affordable Care Act has now made it a requirement for companies with at least 50 full-time employees to offer their workers health insurance...

Affordable Healthcare Enrollment Phase 2

After a bumpy start, the Affordable Care Act enrolled more than 15 million people who did not previously have health insurance, into affordable healthcare plans. Though many people experienced problems signing up during open enrollment...

Understanding Obamacare Penalties

The Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, has been the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy since its inception in 2014. One of the most controversial aspects of the ACA is the imposition of a financial penalty for individuals...

Retirement Planning Still a Challenge for Missouri Seniors


After the economic crisis in 2008, many Americans were left with tremendous losses on a wide range of assets. This was particularly true with real estate, as home values plummeted nationwide.

Select the Best Medicare Advantage Plans


When exploring your options for healthcare services, it is important to look beyond basic, original Medicare and determine if a Medicare Advantage plan makes sense for your healthcare needs.

New Location in the Saint Charles


Senior Health Solutions is pleased to announce the relocation of their corporate headquarters to Saint Charles, Missouri. The move will accommodate recent staff growth and enable the company to continue to maintain superior customer service to the Saint Louis Area.

Medicare advantage


Medicare Advantage has had varying rates of usage since it was first initiated in 1997, but in recent years plans have offered increasingly strong value, leading to a steadily growing enrollment among Medicare recipients across the country.

Long-term care insurance


Certain injuries and medical conditions can lead to drastic changes in lifestyle that require lengthy adjustments and costly assistance on a daily basis. Injuries or illnesses can leave you incapable of bathing and dressing yourself.

Reverse mortgages as a financial planning tool

Reverse mortgages as a financial planning tool

For many years, the public, as well as those in the financial planning community, were somewhat skeptical of reverse mortgages. Several drawbacks led to limited utility and a narrow scope of borrowers for whom reverse mortgages were an advisable option.

Benefits of a reverse mortgage


After a lifetime of working, saving, and planning for retirement, insufficient income on a fixed budget can be a major challenge for seniors across America. With so many different options for investing your money and assets.

Qualifying for a reverse mortgage


The basic qualifications for a reverse mortgage are fairly simple. If you are at least 62 years old and own your own home, you are on your way to qualifying for a reverse mortgage. This does not mean however that anyone.

Brand New Web Site Launch


Helping seniors navigate the confusing maze of options available As you get closer to retirement, health insurance becomes an even more important concern. You need information and guidance as you make decisions regarding.

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