St. Louis Insurance Specialists Offer Final Expense Insurance to Help with Unexpected Costs After Death

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Many estimates show that the average funeral costs approximately $10,000. However, there are often many additional expenses that loved ones fail to consider. These additional expenses quickly add up and often consume much of the limited resources that are available after an unexpected death. In many situations, grieving family members simply accept these additional expenses and charge them on credit cards because they are already feeling so numb or distraught with grief.


Final expenses can be overwhelming


Beyond the costs of a traditional funeral, final expense insurance can help provide for the following expenses:

Preparation expenses - For many family members, the funeral will be the last time that they see their loved one. This is why it is important to dress the departed in a fitting manner. Some people even write down their own wishes for the attire that they will wear at their funeral. However, for many individuals, a suit or formal wear may not be part of their typical wardrobe. Additionally, grooming services, manicures, makeup application and other personal hygiene and maintenance matters may cause additional expenses to be incurred. Certain religions establish expectations for the physical appearance of the departed at the funeral and these accommodations may come at an additional charge.

Wake - The costs associated with a wake may not be included in the funeral homes quote for a traditional funeral. To observe the departed in this manner, loved ones may have to pay a premium.

Burial or Cremation Expenses - In addition to the costs associated with the funeral, loved ones may be further indebted if they decide to bury or cremate the departed. Cremation tends to be less expensive, but cremation fees must be paid. An urn may be purchased along with other items that can hold ashes, including jewelry items.
For burial, a plot must be selected and purchased before departure. The family may wish to mark the site with an engraved tombstone, placard or monument. Some cemeteries require families to purchase a vault in the grave to prevent the grave from sinking, which can add up to $5,000 to final expenses.

Transportation - Transportation to the funeral home after death and then again from the funeral home to the cemetery and graveside may be an additional expense. Likewise, paying for a hearse as a separate charge may come as a surprise to loved ones during their time of grief. Transportation expenses may also be incurred in order to get loved ones to the funeral home and cemetery.

Religious, service or lifestyle preferences - Loved ones may wish to carry out the final wishes of the departed. Certain religious customs may be followed. Additional steps may be needed to effectuate military service. A decedent may have requested a celebration of life service. In order to fulfill these final wishes, additional charges may be accrued.


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